I’m Not Acting Funny. I’m Changing.

Choosing to change isn’t easy. Seeing a need for change is even harder. We humans are creatures of habit and we can easily continue doing the same things over and over without a thought.

One of my biggest changes was choosing to transform from victim to victor. I’m the SURVIVOR that I am today because of changes that I made over 7 years ago. Out of desperation, I sought out a major life change. I couldn’t continue to be the person I once was. I wasn’t happy. I’d been severely abused and was broken in my mind and spirit. I didn’t know who I was. I felt like I was drowning. I couldn’t do it anymore.

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Depression Ain’t No Joke.

I’m honored to be alive. I’m humbled that God would spare my life. I was a preteen convinced that suicide was my only way out. I couldn’t see any other option. I was broken and depleted. I was suffering in silence. Depression was consuming me at a rapid pace and no one knew. If I’d had it my way, I’d be gone.

But God. He stepped in and saved me when I was over life and no longer wanted to be a part of the living. He eventually gave me a reason to live. God loved on and was so patient with me. What a blessing!

I wish I could say that my life was beautiful after God saved me but it wasn’t.

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Why Choose Hope and Healing?

Why even try to heal from trauma and abuse?

I get it. It’s hard work and it takes a lot of time. It takes being completely committed to self and personal well-being. It requires one to be okay with being uncomfortable, sometimes unsure, and perhaps the bad guy to your abuser(s).

I want hope and healing. I’m dedicated to living a life that is genuinely good. As much as I want it and as dedicated as I am it’s not always easy. My mind has been programmed throughout years of abuse and deprogramming it has been hard. Read More

Introducing Hope

Since I was a girl, I’ve struggled with depression and chronic illness. I was tender, easily-wounded, and obsessed with gaining (and hearing) approval from the ones I loved. I didn’t understand that their inability to express approval didn’t mean that I wasn’t good enough.

After experiencing domestic violence in my adult years, completely losing all trace of myself, and nearly losing my mind, I was emotinally and mentally destroyed. Read More

I’m Coming Out!!


Heyyy!!! It feels good to still be on my journey of hope and healing. It feels good to be emerging from the hole I’ve been in, too. My life has been bumpy but at least I can feel. I’ve been numb before and that is far worse.

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