5 Reasons to Care about Domestic Violence

What’s domestic violence, anyway?! It’s a pattern of coercive behaviors designed to dominate an intimte partner or family member (the use of power and control) It’s physical, pychological, emotional, financial, spiritual, cyber / online, etc. It’s abuse between family members, significant others, roommates, etc. It can look like bullying, name calling, threats, intimidation, hurtful jokes, […]

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Another Birthday!! 🎂

I had a birthday! I am super excited to be alive and be able to celebrate the life that I’m living. I’m amazed at how time has brought about so much change. My life is quite complex and sometimes I get overwhelmed; but no matter what I face, I always come through. I’m grateful to […]

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Confessions: Being MsMissy

10 years ago in February, I walked away from my fiancé, a man that I loved very much, and a relationship that became extremely toxic and abusive. Before I walked away, I faced the fear that I would never find love again. I was terrified that that would be my only chance to be married. […]

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