MsMissy Speaks

MsMissy Speaks is an intimate introduction to my life including my triumphs and failures, hurts and healing. It’s an inspirational memoir full of hope, empathy and honesty. I share my experiences with love and family, friendship, sickness, depression, disappointment, abuse, and more in a very candid and conversational way. I talk about how I overcame and grew through my most difficult trials.

My memoir will empower, inspire, and encourage you while challenging you to self-reflection. MsMissy Speaks isn’t just a book – it’s an opportunity. I pray that you find my book to be the perfect companion as you journey within your heart and discover deeper parts of yourself. Find the answers to questions that you’ve asked for years. May you be comforted by the words that I share and know that you are not alone.


“Thank you Ms Missy! I enjoyed your positive and encouraging point of view. This was an easy read that shared the author’s vulnerability as well her triumphs. Great read!

K. Singer

“What an awesome read! It’s a blessing to read your real life experiences unfold into words we can all connect with. Keep inspiring and empowering others through your words.”

Amazon Customer

“MsMissy Speaks successfully draws on the not-so-polished experiences of the author with a candid glimpse into her struggles, disappointments, hopes and triumphs. She lifts the bandages: you feel the pain, then the soothing effect that comes from realizing that life is a journey. Enjoy the ride. Each short chapter is packaged into a well-written, easily digested, quick read offering triumph through trial, hope through pain, and encouragement in the face of hopelessness and fear! I could hardly put it down! Buckle your seat belt! This self-help book is a winner!”

JAKE Jackson

“Great read! Interesting style of writing! I felt like I was having a calm candid conversation with the author herself. I really adored the honesty and blatancy of it. Teaches us to take a different outlook on life! :)”

Kendall Walker

“I loved this. The epitome of hope and peace. A must read for anyone looking for a light at the end of the tunnel.


“MsMissy Speaks has a way of identifying where each reader is and relating precisely to where you are. I’ve learned a lot about myself and can now put a language to past experiences. Excellent read! If self discovery is what you’re looking for you’ll find it in this book.”

Tiarra b

I’ve read a lot of self-help books. I love them! It’s so comforting to know that I’m not alone on this journey of life. My book is special to me because it’s written in a much more relaxed style. The main difference between mine and other phenomenal books is how vulnerable I am in my writing. I didn’t write my book from a place of expertise or having arrived to some point of perfection. I opened my heart and showed the everyday, raw details of my imperfections and how I navigate life with them. MsMissy Speaks is like reading a letter from someone special who just so happens to understand the deepest aspects of your life. I’ve received feedback from both young and older readers. People have told me that they wish that they had my book when they were youner. I’m so humbled that God gifted me the courage and grace to share some of the most private moments of my life.

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I love LOVE!!! Unfortunately, like most people, I haven’t always experienced love. I’ve had my heart broken, lost faith in love and, at one point, became very bitter and cynical about it. I knew love was real; but I couldn’t figure out how to believe it would or could happen to me. This book offers a brief journey into what real love is and what it isn’t.

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