Lies. All Lies.

I’m uncovering the fake news in my life. I have been discovering lies that I have believed about myself. Lies from my childhood. Lies from years of abuse. Lies that I’ve told myself out of fear.

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Gone Somewhere and Sit Down

One of the hardest things for some of us to do is rest. Even if we appear to be physically still our minds, hearts, and spirits are running. I am one one of those people.

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I Walked Away

January 1st of the new year found me doing the opposite of what I’ve done for the past five years. I decided to step away and stop actively operating my brand and ministry, Moments with Missy™️. I simply stopped. I stopped posting, blogging, writing, emailing, and event planning. I walked away from the urge to continue pouring into others while I was nearly depleted. I took a much-needed break.

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5 Reasons to Care about Domestic Violence

What’s domestic violence, anyway?!

  • It’s a pattern of coercive behaviors designed to dominate an intimte partner or family member (the use of power and control)
  • It’s physical, pychological, emotional, financial, spiritual, cyber / online, etc.
  • It’s abuse between family members, significant others, roommates, etc.
  • It can look like bullying, name calling, threats, intimidation, hurtful jokes, witholding medicine or money, isolation, hitting, biting, raising hands and fist, and so much more


Domestic violence can happen to anyone.

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Abusive Relationships Are Tricky


This element and strong emotion runs rampant in abusive relationships.

Confusion and uncertainty pop up so often yet each time they feel so unexpected. You’re in love but not sure if you’re doing it right. You wonder why you can’t just be happy and feel peace. You ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this”? But that’s the problem. You can not fix a relationship. It’s not your responsibility to make someone love you and make you feel safe.

You deserve so much more.

I’ve been there. I lived in extreme mental and emotional abuse. I was afraid and pretty sure that my fiancé would become physically violent. I was so in love with him that I forgot to love ME!

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