Hello! Welcome to my world. My name is Melissa Elise Hall (affectionately called Missy). I’m a survivor of abuse, depression and suicide. I live with chronic illness and am physically disabled. Despite it all, I have learned to thrive. I struggle. I often feel uninspired. I live with depression and face discouragement; yet here I am determined to live my life well. I’ve discovered that hope, happiness, and healing are real and obtainable.

I hope you’ll follow my blog and join me on my journey as I continue to heal and live with hope. I’ll be telling my survival story; offering glimpses into my day-to-day life; and sharing encouragement and inspiration along the way. I love interaction. Feel free to message me and leave comments on my blog posts. I hope you’ll check out the rest of my website and find useful tips, information, and resources.

Hope Always,

Latest Blog Posts

God Has Smiled on Me

The darkest of moments, filled with loneliness and feelings of being lost, almost took me out; but instead I clung more tightly to God. God calmed my fears, settled my mind and spirit, and reminded me of all the many times I have survived.

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The Journey Continues

Happy New Year! My new posts will include an array of topics from my heart and everyday life as well as insight I’ve acquired along my journey of hope and healing. I’m excited.

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Lies. All Lies.

I’m uncovering the fake news in my life. I have been discovering lies that I have believed about myself. Lies from my childhood. Lies from years of abuse. Lies that I’ve told myself out of fear.

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MsMissy Speaks

An inspirational memoir about finding identity and overcoming disasters such as domestic violence, chronic illness, depression, and loss of loved ones.