Emergency Contacts

National Domestic Violence Hotline
1.800.799.7233 |

National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
1.866.331.9474 |

Chicago Domestic Violence Hotline
1.877.863.6338 | Additional information

National Suicide Hotline
1.800.273.8255 |

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network Sexual Assault Hotline
1.800.656.4673 |

National Child Abuse Hotline
1.800.422.4453 |

Help Starting Over / Emergency Exit Assistance

Rhianna’s Treasured Gifts| Free clothing and toiletries for survivors who have left their abuser and are starting over. For assistance or to donate items please send an email. There is a straightforward and confidential process to receive or give needed items.

Informational Websites about Domestic Violence

Sunshine Behavioral Health | Technology, Teens, & Domestic Violence

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 


Safety Plan:

Signs of Abuse:

Virtual Legal Clinic:

Domestic Violence Advocates & Shelters in Chicago*

Connections for Abused Women and Their Children:

Neopolitan Lighthouse:

Family Rescue:

Between Friends:

Illinois Service Providers Directory: Detailed list of Illinois Shelters

Counseling / Therapy*

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago:

Therapy for Black Girls (directory of counselors):

Sista Afya:

Domestic Abuse and Addiction*

Vantage Clinical Counseling (substance abuse):

Technology Safety

*These are not all-inclusive lists. Resources listed are for informational purposes only and do not reflect a partnership with or endorsement from Moments with Missy™️. Please contact the resources directly if you have questions about their organization and methods or need their current list of services. Moments with Missy™ will not be involved in your treatment plans or relationship with the listed resources. 

People You Should Know*


Seida Hood

Hi there! I help people move past fragile and/or broken phases of their relationships in order to experience fulfilled, healthy lives. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and I own a private practice (From The Heart Counseling) in Plainfiled, IL. I have worked with teens since 2008 and I specialize in working with angry/aggressive kids with severe emotional/behavioral disorders, kids who have experienced trauma & frustrated parents. I believe you already have the tools you need to transform your relationships. I provide individual, family + group therapy sessions. For my online Tribe members, I create articles, worksheets, workbooks + host (online/live) workshops to help you learn to use those tools effectively!

workbook prnt

Seida has written a wonderful, easy-to-read workbook entitled, “20 Days to Better Relationships”

For more information, click here


Camesha L. Jones MSW

Camesha L. Jones, MSW is the Founder and Mental Wellness Director of Sista Afya. She has lived with a mental disorder for over 3 years and was able to overcome many challenges to achieve optimal mental wellness. Camesha created Sista Afya to help other Black women experiencing mental health challenges to get the information, community support, and the connection to resources necessary to be mentally well.

Sista Afya LLC. is s​ocial impact business whose mission is to sustain the mental wellness of Black women through sharing information, building community, and connecting Black women to quality mental wellness providers. Sista Afya is based in Chicago, Illinois and provides monthly support groups, community education, resource connection that is simple, accessible and centers the experiences of Black women. To learn more about Sista Afya visit:

Please Note: The individuals listed above are not affiliates of Moments with Missy™. Please contact them directly if you have questions about their organization and methods or need their current list of services. Moments with Missy™ will not be involved in your relationship with any listed resource.