The Brand

Moments with Missy™ is a platform for empowerment, hope and healing that inspires self-love and personal growth. It initially started as a small Facebook group. It was birthed as a result of me giving my pain a voice and from a desire to help other people move beyond their pain, toward healing and hope. I would discuss my life experiences and struggles along with what I was doing to positively deal with them.  In 2015, the Facebook group became an official brand.

I combine my Psychology degree, experience servicing the mentally ill, personal history of depression and struggles with wanting to commit suicide with my faith in God to make Moments with Missy™ the life-changing presence that it is.

Through my blog, various workshops, paneled discussions, empowerment sessions, individual coaching, relationship advocacy, and my published inspirational memoir, MsMissy Speaks, I have been able to support and encourage those struggling with depression, sadness, unhealthy relationships and poor life quality. God has gifted me with the strength to share my story including my trauma and past and present difficulties. I enjoy connecting with and inspiring others who want to transition from surviving to thriving. I’m passionate about empowering individuals to take control of their life and relationship choices. I teach them to be in tune with themselves (such as their wants, needs, fears, strengths, and what makes them happy). I’ve used Moments with Missy™ to help individuals to evaluate their relationships and determine whether or not they are healthy and serve a positive purpose.

Moments with Missy™ is designed to be a reminder that no one has to be alone. We all go through extremely difficult times. We all face discouragement and at some point will want to give up. The beautiful reality is that we are all capable of surviving and growing through our difficulties.