Setting Myself Free

I live with chronic physical illness and I really don’t like talking about it, especially online. Honestly, it’s mostly because I don’t want my future husband to see me as an invalid. I don’t want anyone to see me as weak or incapable (although there are several things that I can’t do). I like to […]

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How I Started Over

Disaster and devastation. I didn’t want to start over. I couldn’t get over how drastically my life had changed. Every day, I would say to myself, ‘it’s not supposed to be this way‘. I couldn’t believe that my life was nothing like the way I had planned. I was extremely ill. I could barely sit […]

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Creating a Clean Slate: On Your Terms

I tapped into something that is crucial to understand — I can live on my own terms. Life doesn’t have to be defined by anyone other than me. The things that make me happy don’t need to be approved by anyone else. My mistakes are mine. I get to learn and grow from them. I get […]

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