Accepting the Unacceptable

It’s just not fair!

We have all said this more times than we can count. It’s human nature and a part of life to come across things that don’t feel fair. But what if we accepted the unacceptable? What if we accepted the things that, in our minds, should never be? I’m not talking about settling for defeat, I’m talking about making a choice to be okay with the stuff that’s uncomfortable or even painful. Because it’s all about the end goal, right? It’s all about the destination.

The circumstances we face aren’t always favorable; but we have to focus on our call in life – our purpose. We have to be like the Nike slogan and Just Do It! We must deal with the uncomfortable stuff so we can get to what matters. Keep the big picture in mind.

For example, numbers aren’t always reflective of your reality. It’s not about the size of the crowd following you or how many people support you. How much money is in your bank account or how many months worth of bills you can pay after being laid off isn’t necessarily the most important thing. These examples are not always an indicator of who’s in your corner or what you can accomplish financially. They’re facts but don’t have to determine your future. If you get a few stabs in the back or you discover you have disloyal friends, it’s okay. If it takes you longer to reach your financial goals, it’s okay. Move forward. Create a plan. Commit to personal wellness and happiness. Be wise about who you give intimate access to your life. Live on a budget. Pay down smaller bills. Do something to gain control over your circumstances. Stay in tune with the reality that it ain’t ova! 

I know it’s not easy. But once we face, accept the reality of and determine to conquer the things we consider unacceptable, life will start to become more manageable. Problems will seem smaller because you are focused on solutions.


I have discovered the need to stay focused. I often feel that some things shouldn’t be. I feel that I shouldn’t have to beg friends and family to support me and my goals and endeavors. It doesn’t seem fair that I have to live with chronic illness. Why is my recovery not complete? One of the hardest ones… Most of my friends are married. Where is my husband?! He should be knocking at my door, right? I mean, I am amazing 

But I have discovered that it is a waste of time to rehearse these circumstances in my heart and my mind. They actually limit me from LIVING. So, I embrace what could be considered unacceptable and have made it a part of the fabric of who I am. I wear it with pride. Why discard It now? The unacceptable disappointments of life have helped mold my identity. They have made me kind, understanding and strong. They have forced me to grow up. They teach lessons in patience, humility and faith. If everything was easy, I could never envision and expect the seemingly impossible. 

Hard times have been a blessing. Because of them, I am a woman of worth. I know the power of prayer. I know what it means to be tenacious. I have survived, and now, I THRIVE.

I challenge you.    

Why give up on your hopes and dreams because you have to deal with things that are difficult or unfair? Why should we change our character into someone who is resentful, bitter, angry, unfriendly and unfocused because we’ve hit a few roadblocks? That makes no sense. If we accept defeat, we get nothing. We must be ready to face our problems and obstacles boldly. It won’t always be easy; but it will be worth it.

Are you ready? Come along. Join the journey!

Hope Always,


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Heyyy!! My name is Melissa. I'm affectionately called Missy. I'm a survivor who has learned to thrive! As one who has overcome depression, suicide, abuse and physical illness, I know that hope is real. Everything that I've been through has been for my good. My struggle helped me to more clearly see me and discover hope, happiness, and purpose.

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