I’m Coming Out!!

Heyyy!!! It feels good to still be on my journey of hope and healing. It feels good to be emerging from the hole I’ve been in, too. My life has been bumpy but at least I can feel. I’ve been numb before and that is far worse.

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A Dose of Truth 💯

Sometimes I wish I had an eraser. I wish I could undo all the damage. I wish I could go back and not have experienced all the abuse of my past. With all the healing and all the time that’s gone by I still suffer. I still have intense moments. I still have scars. I […]

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Accepting the Unacceptable

It’s just not fair! We have all said this more times than we can count. It’s human nature and a part of life to come across things that don’t feel fair. But what if we accepted the unacceptable? What if we accepted the things that, in our minds, should never be? I’m not talking about settling for defeat, […]

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