The Gift of Life

I should be dead. It’s really that simple. By the time I was 14, I had been depressed, suicidal, participated in risky behavior, almost drowned and was grabbed seconds before being run down by a speeding SUV. The fact that I’m alive is both a miracle and a blessing. I’m convinced that I am here […]

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We Made It!

Welcome to 2017. Can you believe it? Last year seemed to have flown by so quickly. I hope that you enjoyed your New Year celebrations and that you are ready to tackle (and by tackle I mean WIN) this new year. We’re in the second week of January already. We have been given an awesome opportunity […]

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Surprise! You’ll Never Guess What’s Next.

I’ve been thrown the biggest surprise party of my life. While on my sick bed, literally, I was given a deep passion for living and started on a path I never dreamed I’d travel. A college graduate, working in the mental health field, super independent, oldest of six siblings (their second mom), involved in church, a busy […]

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