Looking for Love

Is love really so lost that we have to look for it? Or is it that we get lost while looking for people willing to love us? There have been many times when I felt ready to give up on people and love itself. I know that love is real and and that it won’t play games […]

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Are You in Love?

Sometimes, without much effort, we fall in love with parts of people. We love the way they walk; their crooked grin; their laugh; how sexy they make us feel; that cow lick; or the very sound of their voice. We even come to love their quirks and flaws. But sometimes, we miss the more important […]

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A Valentine’s Day Single

I hesitated to write this blog. I came very close to deleting it even as I was writing this line. But if I didn’t write this, I wouldn’t be true to myself or to my audience. So, here I am, once again, continuing my journey of hope and healing, doing the best that I can […]

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