I’m Not Acting Funny. I’m Changing.

Choosing to change isn’t easy. Seeing a need for change is even harder. We humans are creatures of habit and we can easily continue doing the same things over and over without a thought. One of my biggest changes was choosing to transform from victim to victor. I’m the SURVIVOR that I am today because […]

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Why Choose Hope and Healing?

Why even try to heal from trauma and abuse? I get it. It’s hard work and it takes a lot of time. It takes being completely committed to self and personal well-being. It requires one to be okay with being uncomfortable, sometimes unsure, and perhaps the bad guy to your abuser(s). I want hope and […]

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A Dose of Truth 💯

Sometimes I wish I had an eraser. I wish I could undo all the damage. I wish I could go back and not have experienced all the abuse of my past. With all the healing and all the time that’s gone by I still suffer. I still have intense moments. I still have scars. I […]

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