Sometimes I Don’t Feel Thankful

🎶 This is what it means to be held How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life And you survive This is what it is to be loved And to know that the promise was When everything fell we’d be held 🎶 – Natalie Grant, “Held“ Happy November! I love new months […]

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The Thrill of the Thrive

I’ve been strong for a long time and sometimes I feel tired. That’s right. Tired – physically, mentally and emotionally. This is why my theme for March is a command – March Forward. I won’t pretend to be so together that I’m unaffected by the obstacles in my journey. But surviving and thriving have become my life. It’s almost as […]

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We Made It!

Welcome to 2017. Can you believe it? Last year seemed to have flown by so quickly. I hope that you enjoyed your New Year celebrations and that you are ready to tackle (and by tackle I mean WIN) this new year. We’re in the second week of January already. We have been given an awesome opportunity […]

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