Individual Services

Services are mostly offered online and over the phone. In-person sessions have limited availablity.


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Clarity Session ($100.00 for one 60-minute session)

This session is a great opportunity for those who have no clue or are very confused about what they want out of life. This is for those who want definite change and feel they have no time to waste. Missy will help you visualize and verbalize what happiness and success mean to you as an individual. She will also help you to look inward and focus on what is most important or is a current priority in your life. This is not a solve-all session but an opportunity for you to create a mini action plan that clearly states what’s next for your life.


Life Empowerment Session ($100.00 for one 60-minute session)

This type of session is designed to help you move forward in your life. Perhaps you want to activate your passions or strengthen your coping skills so that you can better handle the difficulties of life. Life isn’t easy but you can be on top of it. Your personal disasters and devastation can fuel you forward. You are your best advocate. Snatch back your power and ability to choose. I’d love to encourage and support you as you work toward change.


Relationship Advocacy Session ($100.00 for one 60-minute session)

Relationships aren’t designed to be painful but to be the buffers that make us better. Manipulative, possessive and abusive behaviors should not be given special place in our lives. You are capable of creating healthy relationship boundaries and standards. You can form new relationship patterns and develop more healthy cycles. Self-evaluation is crucial to understanding what you desire (and why) in relationships so that you’re less likely to accept toxic and unfulfilling ones. I’d love to be your advocate and help you start changing your relationship dynamics today.


Session Package ($350.00 for four 60-minute sessions)

Commit to a month or more of sessions and get the most out of your Moments with Missy™ experience. You will receive four 60-minute sessions and direct access to Missy via email as well as additional one-on-one conversations.


☄ FREE 15-Minute Conversation ☄

This call is designed to help an individual determine if working with Missy is something they want to do. It’s an opportunity to have a chat with Missy and ask her questions about her work and her advocacy style.

Group Services

Sessions are mostly held in-person. Email Missy to inquire about online group sessions.


Empowerment Sessions (price varies depending on group size and location)

Missy specializes in dynamic and interactive group workshops that challenge each attendee to visualize and verbalize the life they desire  — their best life. These sessions will teach individuals how to explore the steps necessary for change and / or goal completion. These sessions go beyond inspiration. They support the attendees and offer them an environment to focus on the tools necessary to break the mold of monotony, self-defeat and victimization. Scheduling a group session with Missy is an opportunity to mix work and accountability with a little fun and a whole lot of honesty. Get ready to recognize something new and dynamic inside of you.


Single Women Empowerment Sessions (price varies depending on group size and location)

Being single isn’t a curse but it’s not always the easiest time of your life. Why not make the most of it? Missy provides a non-judgmental environment that will encourage you to transform your mindset. It’s time out for putting your life on hold waiting on a romantic relationship to form. Gather your girlfriends together and let’s chat about the single life – the hurdles, joys and frustrations. Let’s make the most out of this season and do it with some sass! Why wait?


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